Learn English – Podcast: These trousers need to be turned up.


Today’s sentence Hello again. How’s it going? Here’s the latest in the theme on ways of using the verb to turn. These trousers need to be turned up. Notes To turn something up. You know turn up the volume? That means make (the music / sound) louder. Make the trousers louder? I don’t think so. It’s more literal than that. The trousers are too long. They need to be shorter. How do you make that happen? You turn (the material of the trouser legs) up so that the legs are shorter. Another example? Could you turn these up for me? (Could you make the trouser legs / shirt sleeves shorter?) I hope you found that useful. We’ll look at yet another use of the verb tomorrow, so see you then! Search Linguagum for more English tips, check out our very useful links and our shop! And please, tell us what you think of us! Text and audio © linguagum.com 2006-2009 Less

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