Learn English – Podcast: Do you think I have a crystal ball or something?


Today’s sentence Hi! This is the last in the series on different ways of saying, “I don’t know!” Do you think I have a crystal ball or something? Notes This is even ruder than yesterday’s sentence, “how should I know?” It’s very sarcastic, too. Do you know what a fortune teller is? It’s someone who can see the future – perhaps by “reading” tea leaves or palms or by looking into a ball made of glass (a crystal ball.) So this is a very specific form of “I don’t know.” You might use it, for example, if someone asks you, “Who do you think is going to win the World Cup this year?” You think this is a stupid question (because, obviously, how could you possibly know?) and you are rude! It means “How could I possibly know that? I am not able to see the future / I know nothing about the future.” Well, be careful how you use this! It’s OK to say it if you say it to a friend and you laugh pleasantly while you say it! And that’s it. I hope you found this series useful. We’ll start a new theme tomorrow but, in the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact me on Let’s Chew! See you tomorrow! Search Linguagum for more English tips, check out our very useful links and our shop! And please, tell us what you think of us! Text and audio © linguagum.com 2006-2008 Less

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