Learn English – Podcast: I didn’t pick up on what he was saying.


Today’s sentence Hi. How are you? Here’s today’s to pick up. I didn’t pick up on what he was saying. Notes To pick up on something. This means to understand / appreciate something. For example, someone is trying to tell you something without someone else understanding. He or she is giving you hints but is not talking directly and clearly to you. If you understand what they are saying, you pick up on what they are saying, perhaps through their non-verbal language. Another similar expression is “to read between the lines.” OK – that’s the end of the series on the use of the verb to pick up (on). If you know of any other uses I missed out, why don’t you let everyone know about them on our forum (Let’s Chew!)? See you tomorrow with a new series. Search Linguagum for more English tips, check out our very useful links and our shop! And please, tell us what you think of us! Text and audio © linguagum.com 2006-2008 Less

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