Learn English – Podcast: ESL and Archie #42 – Wait Archie! Come back!


Listen To read along as you listen, click here for a LEARNING GUIDE . The Learning Guide at www.archiecomics.com/podcast has a complete transcript of this lesson including a glossary, sample sentences, comprehension questions and cultural notes. TRANSCRIPT In the first frame of today’s comic we see Veronica and Archie. They are outside. They are probably in Veronica’s yard. Veronica is cooking hamburgers on the grill. Veronica is giving Archie one of the hamburgers. She is putting a hamburger on Archie’s plate. In the second frame, we see Jughead sitting down eating his hamburger and drinking a drink. Veronica yells to Archie. She says, “Wait Archie! Come back!” Archie wonders what Veronica wants. He wonders why Veronica is yelling for him to come back In the third frame, Veronica says that she thinks she made a mistake. She thinks she did something wrong! Now we see the joke! Veronica says that she thinks she gave Archie a charcoal briquette instead of a hamburger!! Hmmmm… how could Veronica mistake a charcoal briquette for a hamburger? She sure must have burned the hamburgers if they looked just like a charcoal briquette! GLOSSARY 1. Grill – (noun) – A grill is a flat frame with metal bars across it that can be put over a fire, so that food can be cooked on it. Veronica is cooking the hamburgers on the grill. We put the food on the grill to cook. 2. Grill – (verb) – When you grill something this means that you are cooking it on a grill. We will grill the meat for dinner. Bobby likes to grill steaks. 3. Overcook – To cook something means to make food ready for eating by heating it. If you OVER cook something it means that you cooked it for too long. You overcooked it. Sometimes when you overcook food it burns. Veronica overcooked the hamburgers. The hamburgers were no longer tasty. They were burned. Veronica said that she was tired of people suggesting (or saying) that she overcooks the food. 4. Charcoal briquette – Charcoal briquettes are little blocks of charcoal used for grilling or cooking food. Aaron put the meat on the grill when the charcoal briquettes were hot. Veronica accidentally put a charcoal briquette on Archie’s hamburger bun instead of putting a hamburger on the bun! YUCK! 5. Mistake – A mistake is something that is done in the wrong way. When you make a mistake, you do something wrong. Something is not right or correct. Veronica put the charcoal briquette on Archie’s plate by mistake. The football player made a mistake when he passed the football to the wrong team. COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS 1. What season is it in the comic? 2. What does Veronica say she is tired of? 3. Veronica has probably overcooked the hamburgers. How do you know? ANSWERS 1. It is summer. We can tell by the clothes that Veronica, Archie and Jughead are wearing. Jughead and Archie are wearing short pants or what we would just call, shorts. They are all wearing shirts with short sleeves. They are not wearing jackets. We know that it must be hot outside . Since it is hot outside it is probably summer. 2. Veronica is tired of people always saying that she burns the food she cooks. 3. We know that Veronica has overcooked the food because she cannot tell the difference between one of her hamburgers and a black charcoal briquette. She has overcooked the meat so much that it is burned and looks just like a black charcoal briquette! Less

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