Sentences with the verb get in English

The uses of the verb get and have many utilities can say many expressions to say very different things. A very funny, Steve walks through Paris, and uses phrases with the verb get so you can see the many possibilities

Phrasal verbs with the verb get

Many students have questions about the phrasal verbs in English and its use in sentences. There are many phrases that use the verb get. The verb get sometimes feels like a wild, often can be used and depends on its use, you have many different meanings.

The pronunciation of-th-in English

though, through, thought, tough, thorough .. But all have th are pronounced very differently. We have to practice a lot to learn these words, their meaning and know how to pronounce.

The use of conditional sentences in English

The second conditional in English. The basic structure is: If I had, I would … + verb. If I had …., Would … This is the basic structure of the second conditional. We use it when we imagine something, something that we dream, but not a thing of the past and future. Is to talk about a possible future.

Pronunciation in English. Tips for using I and E in words.

There are many differences between long and short vowels (remember shit and sheet?) And may have a completely different meaning by saying the words one way or another. Stay tuned to the pronunciation of Steve to give you clear the difference between words and their pronunciation.

Adjectives in English and FDI are used as

Adjectives participatory finished with ED, usually derived from verbs. English is used in many adjectivos just with ED. Steve shows us a few examples of its use with adjectives and phrases that show you how to use.