Formal greetings in English for business

How is welcomed in the business world? On many occasions we find that we should greet people in English. Although we do not have a high level of English, the least we should know is when we have politely greet a customer or a supplier or a colleague.

English business vocabulary for business

What is FYI? For your information (for your information). It is a term much used in emails, especially when you forward an email received. ETA means “Estimated Time of Arrvial. Steve explained to us many centuries of English for business, where the acronyms are very habiituales.

Learn English for business: job interviews

One of the most recurrent and important themes in English for business is well prepared for a successful job interview. The English is essential in order to access a good job and that is why the interviews have to be prepared in advance and tenacity. Steve will give you some good advice.

Business English: two useful expressions

To be successful in your work, you will be very useful to learn English for business, not only daily English or grammar. Steve will help you learn american english business “showing very usual expression in the world of business and are not generally taught in schools.